Gregg McBrideGregg thrives on writing for all sorts of mediums – including advertising and marketing copy, which he’s been successfully doing for over a decade for clients including Hallmark Cards, Levi Jeans, MTV, Pottery Barn, Starbucks, Upper Deck, The Walt Disney Company, Williams-Sonoma, and others.

Gregg’s screenwriting credits include “Christmas Angel in Training” (Hallmark Hall of Fame) “Soul’d” (FreeForm), “Happily Never After” (Disney), “Have a Nice Life” (MTV Films), “Epicenter” (SyFy Channel), “Before & After” (USA), “Stepmonster” and “Sobriety High” (MTV) and more.

Gregg is also the author of the bestselling memoir, Weightless: My Life As a Fat Man and How I Escaped, which chronicles his journey from 8 pounds at birth to over 450 pounds while in college and then back down to a healthy weight that he’s maintained for over a decade. Gregg also wrote the bestselling diet book, Just Stop Eating So Much!

Along with making several appearances on The Today Show, Gregg also writes for his own popular blog,, and is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.